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Our Products

Our goal is to become a full-service provider of yacht equipment. To be able to do this, we offer our original designs where possible and for yacht not in our directory yet we provide products made by our great partners. All products we sell are produced in any of our factories or by our partners.

We have a strict process when choosing suppliers and perform quality control. As a customer of K&A Yacht Equipment you will take your yachting experiences to the next level by adding extra comfort to your yacht with our quality products. However, great quality is not satisfying unless the design is on point which is why we continuously work on new ideas to add even more comfort and style. 

Motor- and sailing yachts 

We have products for both motor- and sailing yachts. It doesn’t matter if you are an immense sea lover or the occasional boat user, we have the products you need to enhance your love of yachting. 

Premium products for Great Comfort

We offer a full range of products to most of the worlds yacht makers and models.

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